Meet Your Denver Dream Team


Meg Ruggieri

Meg Ruggieri recently moved back to her hometown from Los Angeles, CA where she worked at Conde Nast Publications for Conde Nast Traveler magazine. 

She has been featured in ThoughtCatalog as well as most recently in WordPress's editorial favorites page for her blog (  for over three years.

LeftoversFromFriday is a lifestyle blog for people who are trying to figure out life while on their way to a happy hour at a place they've never been before while stuck in rush hour traffic with their mother in a perma-passenger seat. Some may call this a run-on sentence, she calls it life at 25.  

Meg currently works in social media content management and enjoys a good One Direction jam sesh, much to the chagrin of her entire friend-base and Spotify newsfeed followers.

Laina Roberts



As a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, Laina flourishes in awkward social situations and likes to flee the country at the drop of a hat.  After finishing her degree in Communications and Political Science in 2012, Laina decided to become a gypsy with a thirst for wine and wanderlust.

Her writing experience spans from shiesty/mindful opinion pieces on her blog Thoughtsonunicorns, to a music blogger for Reverb-Denver Post, to being a real life journalist for the Santiago Times in Chile.  Don't let her long and non-consequential stint in the "real world" trick you, Laina is still incredibly inappropriate and makes terrible decisions daily.  

Laina is currently enjoying the fruits of her university labor by working at a yoga studio, serving tables, and writing concert reviews for dirty shows at Larimer Lounge.  When Laina is not writing or figuring out how to be a real-life princess, she can be found teaching yoga, smelling beards, not finishing books, drinking wine, or plotting her next escape to a faraway land.  


Claire Langerak


Claire Langerak is a Denver native living and working in the Mile High City. Claire obtained a Philosophy degree in 2011 and has put it to good use as a certified yoga teacher, occasional barista, and full-time barfly.

Claire loves the arts and has worked with galleries doing any job from setting up installations to managing artist engagements to creating a social media presence. Currently, Claire is working on a social media campaign for a new restaurant concept set to open July 2014.

When she is not on her yoga mat the author can be found hiking, biking, and enjoying the 300 days of sunshine Colorado receives each year. By night you may find her alone in a dark bar, swilling gin, and reading poetry.